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Customer Identity Preference Trends – Q2 2016

Improve your customer experience conversion rates with inputs from the latest customer identity preference trends and analysis

Building a digital marketing strategy requires data and statistical analysis about what customers like and prefer. Do customers prefer using social login? Which is the social identity most customers are using to social login? Are customer preferences in Asia the same as North America?

These are some of the most fundamental questions businesses come up with while making their websites more user-friendly and social-friendly. But where are the answers? Just a click away.

The LoginRadius Analytics Team has analyzed data from over 160,000 websites and compiled the answers to your questions in the Customer Identity Preference Trends Report for Q2 2016. With this report, you will understand:

  • What social identity preferences are across networks, age groups and geographies.
  • Which devices consumers are using for social login.
  • How consumers are sharing content across social networks.

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