Data Sheet

Product: Two Factor Authentication

Passwords have long been the authentication keys to accounts accessed through the Web. Complex hashing algorithms are used to protect these passwords in cases of interception in transit, which prevents exposure in these kinds of scenarios. However, with the increasing frequency and complexity of attacks, it makes sense to add an extra layer of security to customer accounts.

LoginRadius’ cIAM Two-Factor Authentication adds an additional layer of security to customer accounts by way of either One Time Passwords (OTP) or social identity verification. In the case of OTP, a unique code is sent to the end-user via a text message, email, third-party authenticator notification, or a voice call.

Download this Data Sheet to learn more about the LoginRadius Two Factor Authentication Feature.

Key Benefits:

  • Employ additional security to customer accounts to protect from password breaches and account compromises.
  • Improve flexibility and productivity by reducing instances of security breaches resulting in considerable time saving for support and development teams.