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Phishing for Identity E-Book

Phishing affects everyone

  • 15% of internet users have experience a take over of their email
  • 45% of Phishing emails successfully lure users
  • 14% of users unknowingly submit their information to hackers
  • Hackers steal almost 250,00 web logins each week

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A Phishing attack can be a death blow for businesses that don’t take the necessary precautions.

Not only is the top-line affected, but the brands image and trust can be obliterated if news of a data breach reaches the public.

In LoginRadius' new E-book, we dive into the effects a Phishing attack can have on a company. We also look into the common Phishing methods and the ways in which to protect against them, including:

  • Credential Theft
  • Exploit Kits
  • Malicious Attachments