Social Login Reconsidered

Today’s security and privacy angle for Fortune 1000 businesses

For the last decade, social login has given users a quick, easy way to log in to digital properties with their social accounts and provided companies high conversion rates and access to first-party social data.

But consumer concerns about data privacy are growing in the aftermath of massive data breaches at Facebook and Google amplified by social login. Consumer confidence in social providers has reached an all-time low.

LoginRadius facilitates social login for thousands of companies and hundreds of millions of customers, providing us expert insight on this login method. When it comes to advising enterprises on its impacts, we know social login better than anyone.

“Social Login Reconsidered” addresses the question of whether the convenience of social login is worth the privacy and security threats. We also recommend steps that Fortune 1000 businesses should take to protect their customers’ data and maintain public trust.

In this comprehensive White Paper, you’ll find and learn:

  • An in-depth look at the evolution of social login.
  • How and why the public perception of social login has shifted.
  • 4 recommended use cases that add an extra layer of security to the social login method by leveraging a CIAM platform.