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The Enterprise Buyer’s Guide to Consumer Identity

The marketplace is changing. Customer expectations are ever-growing and every transaction and touchpoint are now judged based on consumers’ best experiences elsewhere.

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Enterprises now have to focus on transformational initiatives to remain competitive, regardless of the industry. Businesses that manage customer identity, however, struggle with creating a modern digital experience.

In order to successfully execute a digital transformation initiative and provide customers with a seamless experience, enterprises are now adopting a CIAM solution.

In LoginRadius’ new Ebook, you will learn as enterprise-level decision maker a framework and the knowledge to:

  • Understand what Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) is and how it differs from IAM for enterprise.
  • Identify and prioritize enterprise business objectives that CIAM solves and how.
  • Compile a checklist of key capabilities that your CIAM solution will need to offer to achieve your business objectives.