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Zero Waste, One Identity

How a Scottish non-profit streamlined engagement for environmental change

β€œTo achieve our goals, we work with different businesses and organizations, consumers, and local governments. To successfully offer a wide variety of resources to such a diverse group of users, it was very clear to us that we needed to enhance our online presence and user experience to facilitate a stronger connection with our audience, which is why we began looking for a solution like LoginRadius.”

β€” Chris Meikle, Digital Communications Manager at Zero Waste Scotland

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Zero Waste Scotland wanted to improve their user experience:

  • Connect the fragmented digital ecosystem
  • Eliminate barriers that limited connection
  • Deploy a dynamically built platform to support quick and easy changes
  • Align security compliance with EU regulations

In this case study, learn what Zero Waste Scotland was able to accomplish by using the LoginRadius Identity Platform:

  • Strategically design the registration and login processes
  • Provide a connected user experience
  • Create a platform that is built for the future
  • Have full confidence in data security