Role based Authorization

Role based Authorization and Access

Setup role based access and authorization for your customers to your digital properties and automate a personalized user experience.

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Administer Membership and Authorization

Automatically enable or disable access and authorization for a customer based on their role or membership.

Full Stack Roles Management

Define Roles

Create customers roles to set access level on all of your digital properties and design an advanced customer experience.

Customize & Edit

Edit customer roles from the dashboard at any time, ensuring easy implementation of new roles.

Assign Multiple Roles

Assign multiple roles to a single customer and LoginRadius will manage access accordingly.

SSO Supported Roles

Utilize customers roles and authorizations for one of your properties and allow customers to carry that same configuration across to all of your properties.

Dashboard Based Configuration

You can configure and manage the roles and authorization function of the LoginRadius platform right from our easy to use and user-friendly Dashboard.


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