Social Profile Data

Harness The Power of Social Data

Social Login is easy to use and gives you access to customer profiles and data right from the source.

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Access Over 300 Social Data Points

Social login doesn’t just help increase your conversions and reduce bounce rates, it also gives you access to over 300 social data points for each registered customer.

Basic Profile Data

Basic social profile data refers to the personal data of your customers, such as name, date of birth, verified email address, gender, country and IP-based information.

Extended Profile Data

Access extended social data, including favourite sports, Likes, status posts, friends/contact lists, and various other details.

Advanced Social Data

Gather advanced data points from your customers, information like audio, videos, groups, events, and check-ins.

Automatically Update the Social Data of your Customers

Automatically sync-up your customer profiles with their social data by updating their information. Changes move live every time your customers login to the system.

Harness Customer Information with Universal Data

The LoginRadius platform automatically normalizes all of the customer data that we have gathered in the JSON format. This allows you to plug that data into all of your API driven marketing and sales applications, powering personalized customer interactions.

Fully Customizable Social Data Gathering Capabilities

You can select what data points you want to gather from each social platform. Obtain data progressively as the trust between your customers and your brand increases over time.

Custom Scope

Gather a specific set of profile data points triggered by any event/action in your digital ecosystem.

Additional Scope

Gather external social data points that are not mapped in the LoginRadius data from social networks.

Raw Data

Option to gather de-normalize social data directly from social networks.

One Profile. One Customer

Link multiple social profiles to basic registration information and create a unified profile for each of your customers.

Set Data Priority

When connecting information from several social profiles, determine which data points have priority over others and LoginRadius can automatically sequence them.

Social Account Linking

LoginRadius automatically links social accounts if the email addresses in the social profiles are the same. We also offer self-service account linking if a customer decides to link their social IDs themselves.


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