Standard Profile Data

Build Rich Customer Profiles with First-Party Data

Competition is fierce. Give your business an edge by gaining a deeper understanding of your customers with user profiling.

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Profile Customers with Registration Forms at Every Touch Point

You can use LoginRadius’ registration form, social login, anonymous login, and more, to gain a detailed understanding of your customers. User profiling works alongside the Registration Service to build richer customer profiles.


Online Registration

Enable registration form and allow your customers to sign-up through the web or by mobile to start building their profiles.


Landing Pages

Not only capture leads, but build Customer Profiles when they arrive on any of your marketing landing pages and capture the lead.


Shopping Cart Checkout

Whether a customer uses guest checkout or registered checkout, you can use registration form to gather data and build profiles.


Web Forms

Utilize LoginRadius’ registration services for contact forms, feedback forms, third-party app login, and more, to build your customer profiles.


Subscription Sign-Up

When your customers subscribe to email newsletters or any other notifications or services, LoginRadius will automatically begin performing user profiling functions for customers.

Other Use-cases

You can also use the registration forms in person, we support in-store systems at the point of sale so you never miss out on valuable customer data.

Progressive Profile Building

Requesting too much information from your customers can scare them off, but with LoginRadius’ progressive profile building, you can design multiple steps and stages for your registration form and collect first-party data over time. More data is gathered as your customers return to your site and trust your brand.

Beyond Profile Data

Go beyond profile data and gather information such as geo-location, device usage, browser preference, OS usage, and IP-based data points. This is valuable information it allows you to deliver a more personalized user experience for your customers and it gives you advanced insight into your customer population.


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