LoginRadius Updates

We always keep up with ID providers' API changes and update our API and connectors (SDK and Plugins). This section describes all of the updates with our product and company. Any questions, please send us an email.


LoginRadius Admin Console Release 22.1

Mar 2019

This release of the Admin Console focused on the UX (user experience), please see below for details on some of the more notable changes applied to the different Admin Console sections. ADDED Customer Segmentation: Ability to segment customers using the ExternalIds field in the Customer Segmentation has been added. Customer Segmentation: Sorting Segmentation fields in […]

LoginRadius API Core Release V22.5.0

Feb 2019

We have just launched the LoginRadius API V2 Core Release 22.5.0. Several existing features are improved, and new functionalities are added to broaden the range of support for your needs. ADDED Unlock API: We have added this new API to allow customers with a valid session to unlock their accounts with an access_token. Click here […]

LoginRadius Dashboard Release 21.3

Feb 2019

Level up your identity game with this new Dashboard release, this new release introduces new ways to access your customer identites via the Dashboard, see below for details. ADDED Added field counts for Segmentation & Data Query: All of the aggregated keyword fields such as Provider, Country etc. now show the matching profile count in […]

LoginRadius API Core Release V22.4.0

Jan 2019

We have just launched the LoginRadius API V2 Core Release 22.4.0 which brings a range of use-case specific features, allowing greater customizability in your workflows. ADDED Access Token via Google AuthCode API: We have added this new API to allow you to obtain an access_token via the Google Authorization Code for your Android customers. click […]

LoginRadius ColdFusion SDK v3.0.0 Release

Nov 2018

We are releasing¬† ColdFusion SDK V3.0.0.¬† The library is designed to assist you in your LoginRadius implementations by providing you with easy to use API wrapper functions for the LoginRadius V2 API. The SDK contains functions for all of the standard LoginRadius APIs, Some of the features supported via API are: Account Management Authentication APIs […]

LoginRadius iOS SDK Release v5.1.0

Oct 2018

We have launched a new iOS SDK that includes new APIs along with important improvements, some of the APIs have also been renamed. Please see below for a list of what’s new in the iOS SDK V5.1.0: Enhancements Improved native social login performance for better native user experience. Added a new custom domain option. Updated […]

Dashboard Release 21.2

Oct 2018

This new Dashboard release introduces a lot of new capabilities that were previously only available via the LoginRadius APIs, see below for the list of features. ADDED Roles And Membership: From this new section, you can manage the multiple roles and permissions of your customers. Progressive Profiling Feature: Configure Progressive Profiling directly from within the […]

Java SDK V4.2.0

Oct 2018

We have launched a new version of our Java SDK which provides you with additional APIs, the 2FA APIs have also been renamed. Please see below for further details. Enhancements The following APIs are part of this update: Added Custom Domain option Added more fields to LoginRadiusUltimateUserProfile model Auth Delete Account API (GET) Access Token […]

LoginRadius PHP SDK v5.0.0

Oct 2018

We have launched our new 5.0.0 PHP SDK, here’s what you can expect in our new 5.X SDKs that is not available in the 4.X versions: API Request signing: Allows you to pash in a hash value instead of your API Secret when making calls. Access Token now passed via header in all of the […]

Android Release Version 4.2.0

Sep 2018

We are introducing our new Android SDK Version 4.2.0 which introduces some major changes around the social provider sdks, and some additional features, please see below for our list of changes: LoginRadius SDK compiled with the new version of Facebook SDK(Version 4.36.1). LoginRadius SDK compiled with the new version of Google Account Login(Version 16.0.0). Added […]