LoginRadius Social Platform January Update
Jan 2015

It’s essential to stay on top of any technical changes and product development to ensure that you don’t miss new LoginRadius social platform features that may help your business.

To help you keep up with the product updates, I have created a brief summary of  the most important upgrades and changes made by social ID providers, LoginRadius and others in the past month. These are all changes that you may find interesting or useful as a current LoginRadius customer.

Read on to get the lowdown on what all has changed in the past month.

1. Simplified User Permission API Settings

We have simplified the user permission API settings by combining API’s into easy-to-understand categories. For example, the Contact API and the Sendmessage API have now been combined into one single category called “Social/Friend Invite.”

For more information, please reference the following documentation: Advance Permission Settings Guide.

2. Custom Scope for Progressive Permission

With this change to LoginRadius’ API, websites can now ask users only for basic permissions during the initial login, and save the advanced permissions such as login activity, posting data, capturing additional information (i.e. pictures, videos), etc. for a later point in the user’s interaction with the website. This feature can be configured by adding a custom scope parameter during the LoginRadius API call.

This option is available in your LoginRadius user account dashboard for all enterprise customers.

3. Improved User Account

Here at LoginRadius we are always looking for ways to improve the user experience, and to further our goal we have made a number of changes to the LoginRadius user account. This includes an improved navigation and making it more user friendly with clearer instructions.

We’ve also added an interface for Registration as a Service (i.e. user registration) within your user account, so you will now be able to configure all the options such as registration form fields, email templates, SMTP server, etc.

In addition, another update we made was to make a dashboard driven interface for advanced sharing customization. You will be able to quickly configure all the advanced sharing options and generate the script from your user account.

4. New Features to the Social Sharing API

We have added lots of new features to our sharing API:

  • Specific URL Available for Each ID Provider in Counter Sharing

You can add individual URLs for counter sharing buttons, such as the Facebook like/follow button, instead of using the same URL for all counter buttons.

  • Specific Short URLs Available for Each ID Provider

You can customize sharing URL’s by each ID provider, so that sharing URL will be short or full according to provider instead of one setting for all ID providers.

  • Customization of Email Share Button

You can set optional messages and subjects for the email sharing button and can also make these content read only.

  • Facebook Share with Privacy

You will have more flexible options to share Facebook content, such as sharing on a timeline, sharing on a friends timeline or in a group.

  • Show/Hide Hybrid Share Counter Button

We have added an option to show or hide the hybrid share counter in the sharing interface theme.

  • Selection of Sharing providers in Even More Popup

We have added an option to show the selected provider in even more popup with the sharing interface.

  • Only Even-More Popup

There is now the option to hide the small hover popup of the hybrid share button and show the evermore window popup where all the sharing providers are shown.

  • Direct even more popup on button click

This option allows you to have direct even more popup on hybrid share button click event.

  • New Counter Widgets

Counter widgets are now available with the Sharing interface.

5. Deep Integration with Google Analytics

We have improved LoginRadius’ integration with Google Analytics by adding several features. Not only will you now be able to track login/sharing/counter clicks and activity via ID providers, you will also be able to gather valuable data connecting user activity post-login with their activity on your site prior to logging in.

In addition to these standard tracking details we now provide, based on the type of website you have, the option to track additional details. For example, a news and media site can track which articles a user has viewed and what they have shared.

For more information, please reference the following document: Google Analytics Integration with LoginRadius.

6. Social Sharing Update Plugin Release

We have released an updated version of our Social Sharing plugin for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento, with a simplified setup process that is quick and easy to activate. In addition, we have also added more sharing features with responsive mobile interfaces.

Here are the updated sharing plugins:

7. Support Doc Improvements

We are continuously improving our support documents section in order to provide better support to our customers and to ease the implementation process. We have added lots of implementation guides (with step-by-step screenshots!) for Social Login, Social Sharing, Friend Invite, User Permissions, etc. as well as flow charts to help customers better understand the implementation process.

Please browse our support documents and API documents.

Want to see some other new features? Let us know in the comments below!