New Enhancements to Customer Registration Service API
Sep 2015

This updates includes new user delete verification API, password prompt option after social registration, etc.

New prefix and suffix fields in customer registration form

Your users can now add prefix and suffix profile fields as part of the customer registration flow. These fields can also be updated via the Update API.

User delete verification email API

Similar to email verification when users first register, when users choose to delete their account, if this feature is implemented, then LoginRadius will first send a confirmation email to them with a link they have to click before their account is deleted. You can also customize the email template for this notification.

Please see additional API details at

New parameters for email templates

You can now add the following parameters in LoginRadius emails sent for email verification, forgot password, and delete email verification:

  • #IpAddress# : The IP address of the user
  • #City# : The city of the user
  • #Country# : The country of the user
  • #UserAgent# : The browser user agent string of the user

Customization for Google’s new Recaptcha2 API

Customers have the ability to use their own PublicKey and PrivateKey for Google’s reCaptcha2

Prompt for password when user signs up via Social Login

When a user chooses to log in via a social ID provider, you have the option of auto-generating a user ID and asking the user for a password so that the user can log in with either the social ID or the auto-generated user ID going forward. The social ID account will be automatically linked to the account associated with the auto-generated user ID.

Password history

By default LoginRadius maintains a password history of 5 passwords, which means that users cannot use their last 5 passwords when creating a new password. We are making this feature more flexible by letting you customize the password history so that it is possible to have no password history (users can re-use the same password consecutively) to up a maximum of 5 passwords stored.