We always keep up with ID provider's API changes and update our API and connectors (SDK and Plugins). This section describe all the updates with our product and company. Any question, please send us email.


What you should know about our new API Core Release 14.0

Dec 2016

For every core release, LoginRadius is committed to adding new features and enhancements that allow you to maximize your identity management capabilities. In this release, we’ve included new SAML capabilities, a new Invalidate Email API to prompt users to re-validate their account via email, and also a new Account Deleted API that provides you with […]

Dashboard Release – 5

Dec 2016

LoginRadius has officially released version 5 of the User Dashboard. This release contains new features that focus on improving the experience, please see below for the main features of this release: Account Details: You now have the ability to pull recent details on your users from the Dashboard Amazon SES: Amazon SES has now been […]

Dashboard Release – 4

Nov 2016

Our engineering team has released version 4 of the User Dashboard. This release contains major enhancements in the User Management and User Segmentation sections, which are rendered by the newly developed cloud-API for analytics.  We’ve also made improvements in the existing analytics charts, which are now much more intuitive. Below are the main features of this release: […]

What’s new in latest platform release 13

Nov 2016

Our product engineering team has been hard at work over the past several months to develop delightful new features for our customers, and now it’s about time to share with you what we’ve been up to. In a major update, we added new security features such as the highly requested Security Question Feature and Two-Factor Authentication. […]

Built-in support for iOS 10 in Loginradius SDK 3.2.0

Oct 2016

Our latest update to iOS SDK(v 3.2.0) includes support for iOS 10. It also includes fixes for some of the reported issues.      What’s new : Compatibility with iOS 10 : You can seamlessly integrate LoginRadius registration and social login services into your apps built with iOS10 sdk platform. Bug Fixes :  This release contains […]

Dashboard Release – v3

Aug 2016

Our engineering team has  released version 3 of the user dashboard. Besides adding new features, this release also includes several improvements based on feedback from the customers on the earlier dashboard releases. This release contains enhancements, improvements and bug fixes geared towards making the dashboard more intuitive, informative and easy to use. Revamped Team management […]

Core API release 11.3

Aug 2016

Our product engineering team is constantly challenged to think in different ways to come up with new features, enhancements and improvements that would delight our customers.In this platform release we’ve introduced new features such as LINE provider integration and  login tracking through server side apis. This release also contains several improvements and bug fixes. The […]

New iOS SDK released with support for Cocoa pods

Aug 2016

In our constant pursuit of helping our customers with faster implementation of LoginRadius solution, we have released the updated version 3.1.1 of our iOS SDK. This version comes with support for Cocoa pods distribution framework. Pods’ are managed in a repo that lives on Github here. This is where 3rd party library vendors submit their […]

LoginRadius Named a Top Customer Identity and Access Management Vendor

Jul 2016

LoginRadius has cemented its position as a leader in the cIAM market with acknowledgements from respected industry research firms … Read more

Ionic SDK v 1.0.0 released

Jul 2016

Using  cross-platform development approach has emerged as one of the popular choices for building mobile apps.Hybrid development involves developing apps built on web standards that run in a browser, and then wrapping them in such a way that they run as native apps on mobile operating systems like iOS and Android.Ionic Framework is  a leading […]