Revamped PHP SDKs released
Jan 2016

Our engineering team is updating our programming libraries to add more features and making it easier to use. In this direction, we have recently released the new version of the PHP SDK.

  1. The latest version of PHP SDK includes the following enhancements:Unified SDK for Social Login and User Registration.Now you do not have to use separate SDKs for Social Login and  User Registration. The features of both would be available in one SDK.
  2. Enhanced capabilities
    1. Custom http client: You can now use custom http client to make http requests. See the following link for more details. 
    2. Support for composer dependency manager: The new SDK works perfectly with  composer dependency manager. This would help customers who work with frameworks such as CakePHP and Symfony to easily include all the dependencies needed to get started with implementing LoginRadius SDK. See the following  Link  for more details.
    3. The SDK uses namespaces and has an improved directory structure.