More customization and better user experience with User Registration API
Jan 2016

  1. Enabling “Keep me logged in”/ “Remember me” feature : LoginRadius now offers “Remember me” feature. Enabling this feature will create a check-box in the  registration form. A user who checks this box before logging in will be allowed to remain logged in during subsequent browser sessions. This feature can be enabled by setting the following property. raasOptions.enableRememberMe=true; . The document is attached  here.
  2. Enhanced user experience after adding new mandatory fields into your registration form: Existing users, while trying to login through traditional login, would be prompted to enter the newly added required fields. This will ensure that the customers could capture all the mandatory fields for the existing customers. This feature can be enabled by adding the following property – raasOptions.askRequiredFieldOnTraditionalLogin=true; The document is attached here.
  3. Allowing more customization options in User registration forms through new hooks: Using these newly added hooks will allow the customers to have more flexibility in designing and controlling the user registration forms. LoginRadius has added new hooks for:
    1. Setting custom attributes:
    2. Setting custom validations: