Revamped DOT.NET SDK released
Feb 2016

Our engineering team has  released a new version of DOT-NET  SDK that is easier for the developers to use and also contains enhancements to the existing features.

The latest  version of the DOT-NET SDK includes the following enhancements :

  1. Unified SDK for social login and user registration : The features of both social login and user registration have now been consolidated into one unified SDK, which will now allow the developers to use these features easily. Please refer the following link to view the updated documentation.
  2. Updates to support latest APIs: The Dot.NET  SDK contains updates to the most recent LoginRadius API. The customers can access all the latest features in the LoginRadius API
  3. Improvement in exception handling :  We have incorporated improved exception handling mechanisms that will allow the developers to get accurate error messages. This will allow the developers to write robust and more compact code.
  4. Handling Network failure issues : The developers will now get better  error messages pertaining to network and connectivity issues. This will also help them to write robust code while accessing the LoginRadius APIs
  5. Inclusion of Argument validator : This will help the developers to ensure that they use the LoginRadius API correctly by passing the right arguments while accessing the APIs. This will help the customers to write error free code.
  6. Improved Http client : We have restructured our http client class and this improvement will allow the developers to write compact code. They can now use the same httpclient to access features of both social login and user registration.