Revamped NodeJS SDK released
Feb 2016

Our engineering team has  released a new version of NodeJS SDK that is easier for the developers to use and also enables them to easily extend the SDK to add new functionality.

The latest  version of the NodeJS SDK includes the following enhancements :

  1. Unified SDK for social login and user registration : The features of both social login and user registration have now been consolidated into one unified SDK, which will now allow the developers to use these features easily. Please refer the following link to view the updated documentation.
  2. Internal restructuring of the SDK : By restructuring the SDK, we have made the library more configurable, extensible and maintainable  from developers standpoint. The developers can now add new libraries with ease and can maintain the all the configuration at a single place.
  3. Inclusion of JavaScript promises  : Continuing  with our resolve to allow our developers to have a great development experience, LoginRadius NodeJS SDK now implements Java Script promises.Promises are a software abstraction that makes working with asynchronous operations much more pleasant.