Revamped HTML5 SDK released
Mar 2016


Our engineering team has  released a new version of HTML5 SDK that makes it easier for the developers to use the functionalities and also contains api enhancements.

The new HTML5 SDK includes the following enhancements:

  1. Support for Bower package manager : In order to make it easier for the developers who are managing client side libraries using Bower package manager , to get started with the LoginRadius HTML5 SDK, we have enabled installing the library using Bower package manager. See the following link for more details.
  2. Unified SDK for social login and user registration : The features of both social login and user registration have now been put together into a single SDK, which will now allow the developers to use these features easily
  3. Including Latest APIs :  HTML5 SDK contains updates to the most recent LoginRadius API. The customers can access all the latest features in the LoginRadius APIs
  4. Reduced size of minified js : The javascript library for HTML5 has been optimized to reduce the size of the minified file. This would also facilitate faster loading of the library at the client side leading to better performance.