New plugins released for Prestashop and Magento
Apr 2016

Our engineering team constantly strives to provide our customers  with the  best experience while implementing the user registration and social login plugins. With this goal, we have released updated user registration plugins for Magento 1.x and Prestashop 1.6. Using these plugins, the customers can avail more flexibility and easily incorporate or remove  new features in their user registration forms by enabling or disabling these in the site admin section. The following links (Magento, Prestashop) contain detailed steps for installing this plugin.

These new plugins allow more options to be added in user registration form  by including the options in the javascript function that is used to implement the user registration.

Some of the features are listed below.

  • Support for optional email verification and disabled email verification: This allows the customers to define flow for email verification
  • Include names for forgot password template and email verification template: This allows the customers an additional option to customize the email template
  • Display form validation message:  This allows the customers to include a customization option regarding where to display the form validation messages
  • Display terms and condition message :  This allows the customers to include T&C message in the registration form.
  • Option to delay rendering user registration interfaceThis provides the customers an option  to customize the user experience while rendering the forms.
  • Configure password length :  This provides the customers an option to put restrictions on the password.
  • Include V2 recaptcha site keyThis provides the customers an option to include recaptcha in the registration forms.
  • Prompt for password after social login This provides the customers an option to create traditional accounts for the users who use social login
  • Option to login the user upon email verification This allows the customers to enhance the user experience by login in the user upon email verification
  • Allow login using username:   This allows the customers to customize the user experience during login.Please see the following link to know more about these options and also to check out the other available options.The following links contain the plugin releases : Magento, Prestashop