iOS SDK v3.0 Released
May 2016

In our constant pursuit of helping our customers with faster implementation of LoginRadius solution, we have released the updated version 3.0 of our iOS SDK. In version 3.0 of the SDK, we have completely revamped the SDK that will expedite the implementation of CIM solution for an iOS app. Please make sure that you read the change doc in detail.

Important changes that are added in the latest version are:

  1. Email Registration and Social login can be implemented in one call to the SDK. This will simplify the implementation of LoginRadius for iOS SDK
  2. Full support for Facebook and Twitter native login for better user experience for your iOS app
  3. In case, you are not looking for native login for your iOS app, you can easily disable the native login and let the login process being handled in webview
  4. Auto support for English, Spanish, German and French languages in Registration and login forms. In case of any other language, please reach out to us at Support

Download the latest version from here and follow the support doc from here