NodeJS SDK 3.0.6 released
May 2016

Our engineering team has  released a new version(3.0.6) of NodeJS SDK that is comprehensive in terms of its capabilities and will allow the developers to explore the entire breadth of features provided by LoginRadius. In this version, we have included all the  endpoints that are currently supported by LoginRadius platform Please see the change log to view the details.  Some of the changes added are :

  1. Latest endpoints : Latest loginradius api end-points , thus enabling the developers to access all of the functionalities.
  2. Support for npm download: The SDK can be downloaded from the npm repository. This would allow the developers to easily get started with development.
  3. Improved documentation : We’ve added more examples to demonstrate usage of  different endpoints. The parameter names for the functions to access the endpoints have also been modified to sync them up with the names used in the api docs.

Download the latest version here and follow the support doc here