Android SDK v 2.0.0 released
Jul 2016

Our engineering team has  released a new version of Android  SDK(v 2.0.0.), which contains enhancements and bug fixes. Please see the change log here.

The latest  version of the SDK includes the following enhancements:

  1. Performance improvement and optimization  : The performance of the SDK has been improved and more optimization steps have been implemented.It has a better support to handle network errors and failures; It contains  updated  connectivity manager and broadcast receiver for Google native login for  handling issues with network connectivity and network change.
  2. New fields for hosted pages : This version supports creating traditional account alongside social login by prompting the user to enter password while login using a social provider. The customer can also implement google recaptcha in the user interface. For detailed steps, please see the here
  3. Updating libraries : The existing libraries have been streamlined  and have been updated while also removing the redundant ones. This will ensure that the customers use the latest and the updated libraries.
  4. Improvement in the footprint : We have made significant improved in the memory footprint and the current library consumes less than 500kb. This will allow the library to be integrated swiftly into any framework used by the customer.
  5. Easy to implement :  By integrating the web views and native login within the sdk, we’ve made it easier for our customers to implement the SDK. Customers would now have to write less code to implement LoginRadius features.
  6. Bug Fixes : This SDK contains an important bug fix and now the user is not allowed to login without verifying email ID. This will allow the customers to ensure that verified users login into their app and that LoginRadius recommended flow is maintained.

You can download the latest SDK and demo here and detailed API docs here. Reach out to support  or live-chat in case of any queries regarding  implementing the SDK.