Ionic SDK v 1.0.0 released
Jul 2016

Using  cross-platform development approach has emerged as one of the popular choices for building mobile apps.Hybrid development involves developing apps built on web standards that run in a browser, and then wrapping them in such a way that they run as native apps on mobile operating systems like iOS and Android.Ionic Framework is  a leading library of mobile-optimized HTML, CSS and JS components and tools for building hybrid mobile apps.Hybrid development eases the  complexity and enhances the maintainability of the codebase by keeping down to a single code-base for multiple target platforms like iOS and Android.

With the goal to increase our outreach to different mobile platforms and frameworks, LoginRadius cIAM solution is now available for apps built using Ionic and developers can integrate LoginRadius registration and social login products by following few simple steps. The main features of the SDK include : 

  • The SDK contains all the social login and user registration features supported by the LoginRadius platform
  •  Support for Facebook native Login

The SDK v1.0.0  can be downloaded here. Developers can follow here to view the detailed steps to integrate the solution.  Reach out to support  or live-chat in case of any queries regarding integrating the solution.