Core API release 11.3
Aug 2016

Our product engineering team is constantly challenged to think in different ways to come up with new features, enhancements and improvements that would delight our customers.In this platform release we’ve introduced new features such as LINE provider integration and  login tracking through server side apis. This release also contains several improvements and bug fixes. The following are the salient features of this release.

  • Login Tracking possible through server side API : The server side authentication api now creates  login logs which would  now be used in login analytics provided by LoginRadius. This feature was earlier available only with our client side apis since the LoginRadius recommended flow was that the customers use the client side hooks and apis to allow the users to login into the web property. However over a period of time, our customers  have been using custom workflows and  server side apis to login the user to the web properties. This feature will help such customers who use server side authentication apis to avail the login analytics features.
  • Disable Social Registration feature : Disable Social Registration feature allows you to block registering new users through social registration. Enabling this option on the LoginRadius site blocks new registration and permits only existing users to login. See here for more details
  • Adding Line Provider : Line have become colloquial for instant messaging and is extremely popular in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia. A lot of our customers requested for us to support LINE and LoginRadius solution can now be used to allow the users to login  with LINE. You can now configure LINE by following simple steps mentioned in the LoginRadius user dashboard.
  • Fixes to existing defects : This release also comes with important defect fixes. We’ve fixed issues with refresh token api in which the token would refresh only for the first time and not during subsequent invocation of the refresh token api. We’ve also fixed issues with our Post  api not working properly with Twitter.

Reach out to support  or live-chat for general queries and assistance  regarding implementing the new features and enhancements.