Dashboard Release – v3
Aug 2016

Our engineering team has  released version 3 of the user dashboard. Besides adding new features, this release also includes several improvements based on feedback from the customers on the earlier dashboard releases. This release contains enhancements, improvements and bug fixes geared towards making the dashboard more intuitive, informative and easy to use.

  • Revamped Team management page :  The customers have more flexibility with maintaining their teams. The new team management section allows you to  transfer  the ownership to another team member. The authorization levels of the current logged in user would also be shown in the dashboard page.  
  • Ability to configure Pinterest in dashboard : You can now allow your users to login through pinterest social provider by following simple configuration steps that are mentioned in detail in the dashboard under “Social Network Configuration”.  Select “Social Id providers” button and choose the Pinterest icon. Follow the steps mentioned to complete the configuration.
  • Ability to add additional scopes : Allowing more flexibility to add scopes, additional scopes can now be added from the social login page, under the External Permissions tab. Scopes can be added or removed as required. One can also get them back by re-saving or re-enabling the Social Data Settings and  Profile Access Permissions.
  • Ability to see active tickets : We have included the ability to view the status of  currently active tickets from the dashboard. The customers can view the currently active tickets in  “existing tickets” tab under Support -> Support Tickets.
  • New field types added : Allowing more options to be defined in the “type” of the custom field, you can now add fields of type “password”,”checkbox” and “hidden” in the dashboard.
  • Improvements : We’ve made improvements such as follows to improve the usability of the dashboard.
    • Field ID can now be seen against disabled fields of the page.
    • More support ticket categories have been added to the support ticket page.
    • Loading messages have been updated with their respective action
    • “Remove Rule” option added in the user segmentation page to remove a pre-selected rule from the selection criteria.

Please reach out to us on support or  live-chat anytime with additional questions.