Dashboard Release – 6
Jan 2017

The LoginRadius engineering team is proud to release version 6 of the user dashboard. this release includes various improvements based on the feedback we received from our customers

    • Improved Stats in User Dashboard : The inital Dashboard page is now showing day by day growth allowing you to keep track of your user registration trends  
    • Faster Search : Searching for users is now faster using either their Email or UID in the User Management area
    • Added OneClick Sign in Email TemplateWe have added the ability to edit the email template for the email that get sent out when implementing a OneClick Sign in flow.
    • Hosted Page ManagementManaging your hosted pages via the dashboard is now possible allowing you to make quick updates
    • Billing improvement : Find your active subscriptions and invoices in the Billing area
    • Team Management : You now have the ability to send a password reset link from the Dashboard to members of your team.

User Segmentation:

The following new filters have been added to improve segmenting your users

      • Provider : Dropdown select
      • Country : Dropdown select
      • Age: Dropdown select
      • Gender: Dropdown select
      • City: Dropdown select
      • State: Dropdown select
      • Currency: Dropdown select
      • EmailVerified: true or false
      • PhoneVerified: true or false
      • All customfields: text input

Please reach out to us on support or  live-chat anytime with additional questions.