Dashboard Release – 7
Feb 2017

Introducing version 7 of the LoginRadius User Dashboard. this release includes a very major improvement surrounding User Management, LoginRadius now gives the ability to manage the user accounts with much more granularity via Dashboard.

User Management

The user management section has received the following major updates :

  • Add User : You can now add new users via the Dashboard
  • Create Password / Create Traditional Profile : If the account is a social only account you can now create a traditional profile for that user in the Dashboard.
  • Change/Update Password OR Reset Password: You can now initiate the process of getting a user to reset their password or change it for them.
  • Resend email verification: If a user needs the verification email to be reissued this can now be accomplished via Dashboard.
  • Update profile: You now have the ability to update some of the profile fields for the user in the Dashboard
  • Verify Email: You can now flag accounts as verified or unverified via Dashboard

Other Notable Changes in this release:

    • Data Export : This new Dashboard option allows you to export data seemlessly from your LoginRadius Cloud Storage 
    • Enable / Disable Welcome Email : You can now choose to enable or disable sending the welcome email in the email settings section
    • Revamped Date Range for Analytics : The date range picker has been revamped to allow you to make more granular selections

Please reach out to us on support or  live-chat anytime with additional questions.