LoginRadius Core Release 20.4.0
May 2018

Our Core API Release 20.4.0 brings new features to optimize the security of our existing functionalities. Please see the details below:


API Request Signing: This is an enhanced method of securing your API request with a signature composed of the account credentials and the API post body.

OTP Lockout: OTP login now supports the lockout function for added security against malicious use.

Request Access Token Header and Payload Option: Additional options have been made available in how you communicate the access token with your API request.

Request Variables: User agent string, IP address, and language data can now be passed as a part of the API request as a custom header.

Option to Prevent Sending Email Verification: An option to prevent sending email verification in case of optional email verification flow.


Deprecated APIs: We have made some changes to some of the alternative workflows and have deprecated the following APIs: No Registration, Auto Login, and One Click Signing. These have been replaced with: One Touch Login, Smart Login, and Passwordless Login, respectively.

Facebook Deprecated Permissions:  As Facebook has deprecated some of their scopes, we have since updated how the scopes are provisioned.


 Please reach out to support or live-chat for general inquiries and assistance regarding the implementation of the new features and enhancements.