LoginRadius SDK Android v4.1.0
Aug 2018

We have launched a new version of our Android SDK, this new version adds compatibility with some of the newer API functionality that was introduced recently, some functions have also been renamed.


  • SOTT can now be passed via header in the Registration APIs.
  • Added Privacy Policy API
  • Added Reset Password By Email OTP API
  • Added Verify Email By OTP API
  • Added acceptPrivacyPolicy (Boolean) property in RegistrationData.
  • The Access Token can now be passed via header in all of the Authentication APIs
  • Added preventEmailVerification (Boolean) option to prevent email verification flow in Auth Login and Registration APIs (where optional email is enabled)
  • Updated Auth Registration API to support setting the Access Token as a response (when optional email is enabled)
  • Added the ability to set the Welcome Email.

Notice of change

Some of of the functions have been renamed: “Auto Login” to “Smart Login”, “No Registration/Simplified Registration” to “One touch Login” and “Instant Link Login” to “PasswordLess Login”.

The SDK can be grabbed directly from our Github account, this release can also be installed into your project via Maven, Gradle, or Ivy.