LoginRadius iOS SDK Release v5.1.0
Oct 2018

We have launched a new iOS SDK that includes new APIs along with important improvements, some of the APIs have also been renamed. Please see below for a list of what’s new in the iOS SDK V5.1.0:


  • Improved native social login performance for better native user experience.
  • Added a new custom domain option.
  • Updated FBSDKLoginKit – 4.27.0 to FBSDKLoginKit – 4.36.0.
  • SOTT has been added as a header in the Registration API.
  • Added new Privacy Policy API.
  • Added new Reset Password By Email OTP API.
  • Added new Verify Email By OTP API.
  • Access Token has been added as a header in all of the Authentication APIs.
  • Added preventEmailVerification (Boolean) option to prevent email verification flow in Auth Login and Registration APIs (where optional email is enabled).
  • Added new Send Welcome Email API.
  • Significantly improved code performance. w


  • Fixed FBSDKLoginKit – 4.36.0 : Error – Semantic issue – Redefinition of ‘EMAIL’ in LoginRadiusField.h
  • Fixed SDK required field issue.
  • Fixed demo issue in Objective-C and Swift.

Notice of change

The following sets of APIs have had their functions and their endpoints renamed: “Auto Login” to “Smart Login”, “No Registration/Simplified Registration” to “One touch Login” and “Instant Link Login” to “PasswordLess Login”.