Admin Console Release 25.11.4
Dec 2023

The following release of the LoginRadius Admin Console brings you a new feature and a few improvements. See below for details on some of the more notable changes applied to the Admin Console.


  • The Custom IDP and Federated SSO feature in the Admin Console now supports Pre-Built templates (Salesforce, Fresh Desk, Zendesk) to help deploy the integrations quickly.
  • The Admin Console’s Federated SSO (JWT) now includes support for data mapping of Roles and Roles and permissions Profile Keys.
  • The Admin Console’s Multiple Social Provider App features now include support for Microsoft/Live social providers.
  • For second-factor authentication, LoginRadius now supports all authenticator tools that return the TOTP with 6 digits. For example, Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, and Authy.
  • Now, LoginRadius Admin Console supports Custom SMS/Text message providers, using which you can configure SMS providers as per your choice.
  • A new feature, AuditLogIntegration, allows you to integrate your logging tool into the LoginRadius Admin Console.


  • The certificate auto-renewal feature in the LoginRadius Admin Console will now generate keys with a size of 2048 by default.
  • The Admin Console now supports selecting the email address (if multiple) while triggering the verification or password reset email via the manage profile section of the user.
  • The Bot Protection feature in the Admin Console now encompasses Passwordless Login APIs.
  • SAML configurations in the Federated SSO section under the Admin Console allow you to configure the NotOnOrAfter value, which sets the expiry time of the SAML assertion.

For any additional questions, please reach out to  LoginRadius Support.