Customer Activities

Advanced Tracking for Detailed Marketing

View detailed user engagement information as individuals interact with your web and mobile applications.

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Find Interaction Patterns

Identify patterns with statistics about individual users based on their last login, age of their account, total number of logins, and many more factors.

Activity Timeline

Monitor user activities across your web and mobile properties and understand how users are engaging with your brand on a page-by-page or site-by-site basis.

Monitor User Activities

Monitor Login and Logout Times

The system monitors an individual user’s login and logout activities.

Monitor Individual Session Times

The system monitors every session and time period of an individual user.

Monitor Device, Location, Browser Details

The system monitors the users’ devices, locations, IPs, browsers, and OS information.

Monitor SSO Activity

Monitor SSO activities and user navigations across multiple digital properties

Audit Logs for Each User Activity

Profile Edits

Audit logs will include all the profile edits done by a user.

Account Deletion

The system monitors account deletion activities across multiple properties.

Password Management

All the passwords changes, resets, and updates will be available in the audit logs

Profile Link and Unlink

When a user links and unlinks a social profile, it will reflect in the audit logs.


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