Customer Data Storage

Secure and Scalable

LoginRadius offers profile data storage and management solutions to free up your engineering, security, and compliance teams.

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You Always Own Your Customer Data

Separate Database

Your customer data will be hosted in a separate database on the LoginRadius platform.

You Own Your Data

You maintain full ownership over your customer data and LoginRadius does not use, share, or monetize that information.

Connect Your Database

Store a local copy of your customer data synced to your database.

All Applications in One Data Repository

Store all of your customer data from multiple applications in one single cloud repository, building a unified profile.

Fully Managed Cloud Storage Service

Managed Administration

LoginRadius has complete data backup and disaster recovery systems in place along with fully managed maintenance and security policies.

Auto Scaling

Never run out of cloud storage space and never worry about the number of queries that you can run on the database. The system auto-scales to your needs.

Data Backup and Recovery

Maintain multiple backups of your customer data and enable recovery in case of database failure, ensuring that you never lose your customer data.

Global Load Balancing

We maintain over 20 data centres worldwide to ensure load balancing is properly handled so your customers have industry leading access to your properties.

Auto Indexing

Customer data is continuously auto indexed for faster search functionality and efficient database management.

Normalized Data

Customer data is normalized into a universal format to enable third-party application integrations.

Storage in the Region of Your Choosing

LoginRadius allows you to select the location where your data is stored. This is critical in ensuring that you comply with regional data privacy laws.

Industry Leading Encryption Methodology

Data Security in Motion

Security covered by the latest password hashing algorithms alongside other encryption mechanisms help keep your data in motion completely secure.

Data Security at Rest

LoginRadius offers the option to encrypt all of your customer data at Rest. Passwords are encrypted by default. This provides an additional layer of security.


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