The following documentation is applicable to Free, Developer, and Developer Pro plans. For documentation related to the enterprise plan, please click here.

View Subscription Logs

This guide explains how to view your application’s subscription logs using the LoginRadius Dashboard.

Access Manage Apps Section

Log in to your LoginRadius Dashboard account. From the top right corner dropdown menu, click Manage Apps.

View Logs

When the Manage Apps screen appears, look for the app you want to see information of, and hover on it. On the top right corner of the hover card, there should be a dropdown menu labeled App Actions. Click on this menu and select View Logs:

In the log, you will find the following details for each log entry:

  • Expiry Date: Shows current expiry date (if applicable), or a change in expiry date compared to the previous log entry.
  • Activities: Detailing what has changed to the app status compared to the previous log entry (eg. if app plan has been upgraded, changes to Billing Cycle,…)
  • Created By: The one who made the change (Owner, Support Team,…)
  • Created Time (UTC): The date and time of the change.

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