Enable Custom Objects to Attach Custom Data

Build Rich Customer Profiles with First-Party Data

Create custom data fields and store additional customer information from various sources within your digital ecosystem.

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Store Non-Profile Data

With the LoginRadius Custom Object storage, you can attach additional non-profile data to customer accounts, such as search history, purchase history, email subscription preferences, and more. Create a mini-database for each of your customers and attach massive amounts of data to each account.

Store Any Data Type

The LoginRadius Custom Object Tool employs schemaless databases that allows you to store the any type of data with your user accounts. This includes text, photos, lists, and much more!

Update and Delete Data on the Fly

With our Data API, you can update or delete any data point in your LoginRadius cloud storage as and when required.

Sync Data with Third-Party Applications

You can sync Custom Object Storage with any third party application such as a CRM, DMP, and more, in real-time.

Search Faster with Custom Indexing

Custom Objects storage allows you to run search queries faster as data is stored in an unstructured database.


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