Admin Console Release 24.3

This release of the Admin Console brings you few new features and some improvements, see below for details on some of the more notable changes applied to the Admin Console.

Change Log


You can remove yourself from the shared sites under the Admin Console

Added new 'Communication Analytics' section under Insights in Admin Console . Allowing you to get the SMS Analytics by providing Information about automated SMS being sent through Twilio API.


Enhanced the functionality and designing of our 'Identity Experience Framework' section in the Admin Console . Please refer to our document for more details around it.

Updated 'Security Compliance' section in the Admin Console . Refer to our Regulations document for more details.

Moving forward only API V2 will be supported hence removed the API version section from our Admin Console.

Enhanced the 'SMS Configuration' section in Admin Console , supporting a few other SMS providers apart from Twilio. Refer to our SMS Provider Configuration document for more details.