Admin Console Release 25.10.8

This release of the Admin Console brings you new features, bug fixes, and a few improvements. See below for details on some of the more notable changes applied to the Admin Console.

Bhavya Tugnawat
about 2 months ago

Change Log

Now, you can whitelist or blacklist the range (x.x.x.x. - y.y.y.y) of IPs from the Admin Console.
Bot Protection feature has been added in the API Security>Platform Security>Admin Console.
Extended fields have been added for the Federated SSO > OIDC and OAuth2.0 flow under the Admin Console.
While configuring Federated SSO (SAML) & Custom IDP (SAML, ADFS), the Service Provider Certificate and its key are now generate automatically.
Webhook signature verification failure for Gmail social logins has been resolved.