Core Release 11.0

We are pleased to announce the release of new version of platform API version. The following list contains the enhancements and Bug fixes.

Change Log


Resend email verification

Change primary email address

Forgot username option

Vaildate access token API

Expire access token API

Option to add and customize placeholders for all forms

developed API frameowrk for custom forms

Expire token on SSO logout

SSO login return token only if token nor expired

Unlinked profile reregister option

Ask email for unverified social account option

Introduce new email flows - a) Email verification required b) Email verifcation disable c)Email verifcation optional

Created landing pages for social sharing callback to close popup


Facebook image count API

Change username API bug

Template parameter in user delete API

Custom validation hook with date option bug

Change password validation bug

get profile by UID for unverified account

SSO JS bug fixes

Wrong error message for provider configuration issue

Solved Console errors in few rare cases

Fixed issue of UC browser on windoiws phone