Core Release 11.9

This section is for complete release notes for the LoginRadius API and SDK Libraries.

Release 11.1 notes (2016-04-14)

We are pleased to announce the release of new version of platform API version. The improvements include:
  • Several bug fixes to allow more flexibility in client side implementations
  • New API added to get list of subscribed URLs
The following list contains the enhancements and Bug fixes.

Change Log


New email template added for 'Welcome Email'

Getting the number of logins for a user by introducing a new field in profile JSON

Fetching email from Amazon login

Fetching email from Twitter login

More options for encoding passwords


Issue with login using Twitter

There were dd-mm-yyyy validation for DOB

welcome email template for Social register (two emails were being receiving)

Password encoding was not working

Uid was getting change when facebook primary email id update by user

Rest hook UnSubscribe api, when was not passing the target_url then no error were showing

Check target_url validation, for some urls api was giving incorrect response.

when pass the event in Camel casing then api was showing error

Get all subscribed URLs: when pass invalid event then showing blank array

Rest hook subscribe api, when were not passing the parameter values then showing error

password encoding: was not working when pass hexadecimal

Check target_url validation: when pass invalid url,api was giving incorrect response