Core Release 12.0

We are pleased to announce the release of new version of platform API. This release includes several important features and bug fixes. Some examples are :
a) New features such as being able to configure custom 0Auth 2.0 provider will help our customers to easily integrate with any new provider that conforms to oAuth2.0 standards.
b) Providing server side apis for password reset and user update will allow our customers to integrate this feature with their server side flow. Going forward, we will provide lot more server side apis to allow customers the flexibility to implement their own flow.

Change Log


Custom OAuth-2.0 provider - Support for any new OAuth 2.0 provider following the standard OAuth 2.0 flow

Register with business-only e-mail

Reordering social providers based on connected status

Associating Total registered user count with the identity api

Disabling new registration from social login

Option to disable account linking

Adding Pinterest as a new social provider

One click login feature

Password strength feature

server side api to get active session details

server-side api to reset password

Customer Registration V2 API Beta version released

Hub & API Projects merged


List of Merged UIDs in user profile

Missed data points of social ID provider

Account Linking Social ID provider order

Custom Object by UID API Error message

Keyup event binding fails in firefox

Refresh token API error message fix for Instagram

New password can be set as old password

SessionStorage or LocalStorage in Safari Private Mode

Birthdate field is not being retrieved from Google Social Login.