Core Release 13.0

We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of our platform API, This release includes several important features such as:
A) Webhook support, allowing to subscribe and receive data from anyone of the following hooks:
Login, Register, UpdateProfile, ResetPassword, ChangePassword, EmailVerification, AddEmail,
RemoveEmail, BlockAccount, DeleteAccount, SetUsername, CreateTraditionalAccount, AssignRoles, UnassignRoles, SetPassword, LinkAccount, UnlinkAccount, UpdatePhoneId, VerifyPhoneNumber
B) One-time passcode (OTP) allowing the use of texting a user's phone for Authentication.
C) Two-Factor Authentication that requires not only a password and username but also a physical token (i.e. One-time code)

Change Log


Webhooks: Allows you to subscribe to a predefined webhook and get a notification with data on the specified hook

Two-Factor Authentication Feature (2FA/TFA): multi-factor authentication that requires not only a password and username but also a physical token (i.e. One-time code)

Security Question Feature: Configurable security questions for the account recovery and security

One-time passcode Feature (OTP): send a One-time passcode via SMS and once the user logs in then they would ask to reset the password. A user can log in without entering password

Landing form submission API: easily capture customer data from a landing page

Open API: Ability to delegate the user login functionality to a 3rd party provider and allows your users to login to LoginRadius

Language customization: more flexibility with the user registration form for localizations


Support for PBKDF2 hashing algorithm

SignupDate and LastLoginDate profile data fields added to user profile

Vkontakte OAuth APIs has been updated with most recent version

Custom Fields supportability extended to 15


Facebook OAuth 2.8 version support

Updating the first or last name of a user profile will also update the full name