LoginRadius API Core Release V16.0

Introducing Version 16.0 of the LoginRadius API. This release brings many API experience improvements.

Change Log


Remove Field Value from Profile: You can now use null values to delete a 'field' or an 'object' from array type fields’ from userprofile in v2 apis.

Delete specific object from array: Now you can delete any specific object from array type fields.

Field-Specific Custom Validation Message Hook: You can separate validation messages specific to a field on a single rule.

Added Backup Code APIs V2: If 2 Factor Authentication is enabled the user can download a backup code for login.

Added get/reset backup code API.

Added Social Login APIs to V2 JS.

Added Custom Object APIs to V2 JS.

Added Security Questions APIs to V2 JS.

Added Reset (2FA) 2 Factor Authentication API to V2 JS.

Added v2Recaptcha and InvisibleRecaptcha to V2 JS.

Added versioning to JS Interface. To get Current JS version use <ObjectName>.version.

User Registration Source: The user registration source is stored during a new registration when the registration comes in via our JS Interface, it will save the domain under registration source in V2. The default value is 'API'.

Added Login Lockout Feature to V2 JS. After maximum failed login attempts login is locked. Value of MaximumFailedLoginAttempts and LoginLockedType can be set from Admin-console.

Login Provider/Registration Provider: Now you can get the Provider name in the Traditional Profile from which user has registered in v2.

IsCustomUid: new field to track that the UID is a site UID(provided on your end) or a UID generated by LoginRadius. This flag can only be set using our server side API in V2.

Expire Tokens on Password Change: On reset password or change password, all sessions will expire.

Only required rule is applicable for password field in login page while on all other pages where password can be set/update all rules can apply.

Photo API: There will be an additional property to the response of the API and it will include photos from an album with different dimensions.

Optional Fields Prompt in V1 JS: A new option has been added to our V1 - JS Interface to prompt optional fields for first time login.

Last Login Location: User profiles will have a new field for last login location, which determines the user's last geographical location.

recaptchaV2OnloadCallback: You can now do some action after reCaptcha loads by setting your JS function in this callback and it will execute after loading reCaptcha.


Update userProfile API V2 response: We have changed the response body for updates in our V2 Auth userProfile set of apis.

Role Related Change: Roles will be UnAssigned from user if the role is deleted.

Solved Nickname issue in V2 JS.

Solved IsEmailSubscribed issue in V2 JS.

Change option name 'objectName' to 'customObjectName' in V2 JS.

Fixed Sott encoding issue in V2 JS.


RFC Based Email Validation: Email Validation has been updated to allow RFC based specification email addresses, the email validation process has been updated throughout the core apis.

Case Sensitive Username Option: Setting 'AllowCaseSensitiveUserName' equal to true in your JS Interface allows to have case sensitive usernames in your LoginRadius app for both v1 and v2.

Subscribe/Unsubscribe Webhook API: You can now use the following parameter names when using the Subscribe and Unsubscribe API calls: api_key, api_secret, target_url as parameters for subscribing on unsubscribing Webhooks.

Logout function in JS: New function introduced in our LoginRadiusRaaS.js that handles a complete logout, it removes the SSO session, LocalStorage, and SessionStorage and clears any valid access token