LoginRadius API Core Release V17.0

There is no shortage of new features for this new API release! With a focus on account security, here are the latest API additions:

Change Log


Passwordless Login or Registration / Simplified Instant Registration: Allow an end user to login without registration by prompting the user to input their email/phone number, and all it takes to log them in is for them to verify their email/phone number.

Security Question Lockout: You can now configure the security question lockout setting so that if a user fails to reset their password when prompted the security question after select number of times, they will be locked out of their account.

No Callback Social Login: Allowing or configuring the no callback feature will prevent the return of any token from the social authentication. Optionally, a GUID that has been returned can be used to fetch the profile from the Autologin Ping API.

Invalidate Phone Verification API: This provides the ability to reset the phone number verification status in a user’s account.

Get Configured Security Questions: The list of questions that are configured on the respective LoginRadius site can now be retrieved via API – By Email, By UserName, By Access Token, By Phone.


Default SMS Provider: LoginRadius now has a default SMS provider to send out authentication or verification OTP with a monthly bound of 200 SMS.