LoginRadius API Core Release V18.0

Announcing the LoginRadius API V18.0 which brings many new features and improvements, many making how you interact with the API much easier.

Change Log


Risk Based Authentication - the system can verify the user’s login request with a request for additional information, or even prompt the user to answer security questions when it detects possible risks associated with the login. For instance, if a user is logging in from a different location than usual, they may be prompted to answer additional security questions to verify that they are the user.

Age Verification check on the server side for COPPA compliance - You can now easily enable and set the default age required for registration.

Simultaneous Phone and Email Authentication - This flow allows users to log in using their PhoneId and email simultaneously.

Management API Call to Generate SOTT - You can now generate a new Secure One Time Token (SOTT) via our Management API.

Select Fields to Return - You can now select which fields you would like to be returned in your API V2 calls


Auto login API enhancement - We created a new set of APIs to verify your auto login tokens, which will allow you to fully customize your login workflows.

Email/SMS Notification on Password Reset: When this option is enabled, our system will send an Email/SMS notification to the end user upon a successful password reset.

Context Role expiration - Added an option for Role context expiration, which will expire the user role context after the expiration date.

Date format: We are now supporting yyyy/mm/dd as an additional date format in our APIs.