LoginRadius API Core Release V20.3.0

The new LoginRadius Core Release V20.0.3 brings new capabilities and improvements to the LoginRadius Platform that make it easier to customize your workflows.

Change Log


QQ Tencent Captcha Integration: LoginRadius now supports QQ Tencent Captcha. This captcha service can be utilized and configured along with Google reCaptcha.

Time-based Account Lockout: This security feature can be set to lock an account for a specific time period when the user reaches the maximum allowance for failed login attempts.

External IDs: The LoginRadius User Profile can now hold External IDs via the newly added ExternalIds field.

WebHook Control Header: WebHook calls/triggers can now be controlled via a custom HTTP header.


Login Lockout: Our Login Lockout feature is now added into our Multi-Factor Authentication flows.

Facebook API Version Update: The LoginRadius APIs have been updated to integrate with Facebook API version 2.12.

Profile Modified Date: The LoginRadius User Profile now has a new 'ProfileModifiedDate' field to indicate the date when the profile has been modified or updated.

LoginRadius Subdomains Whitelisted: You will no longer need to manually whitelist LoginRadius domains, they will be whitelisted by default.