LoginRadius API Core Release V22.1.0

We have just launched the LoginRadius API V2 Core Release 22.1. We have introduced great new features that allow you to customize further your Login flows.

Change Log


One Touch Login Captcha Support: We have added two new endpoints allowing you to use a Captcha service with the One Touch Login APIs for phone and email.

Custom Registration Data API: You can now delete records by datasource via the new Delete All Records by Datasource endpoint.

New 'IsRequiredFieldsFilledOnce' Profile Field: We have added a new field to the LoginRadius Customer Profile called 'IsRequiredFieldsFilledOnce'. This field is used to indicate if a customer has filled the required fields at least once.

Revoke Refresh Token: Our new Revoke Refresh Token API allows you to revoke a provided 'refresh_token'.

Refresh Access Token by Refresh Token: We have added a Refresh Access Token by Refresh Token endpoint to facilitate refreshing a given LoginRadius 'access_token'.

Added Auth Access Token Info: Our new Auth Access Token Info API endpoint gives you information on the 'access_token', namely the provider that was used to obtain it and whether Remember Me was selected by the customer.

Account Update: The Account Update API now supports setting custom fields as `null`.