Core Release 5.0

We are pleased to announce the release of new version of platform API version. The following list contains the enhancements and Bug fixes.

Change Log


New Popup for OpenId Login added

Loading image on request handler page added

New Loading image on success page added

Two responsive interface :- a .Social Login Theme b. Embed Bricks added

'Loading..' Text on social login interface added

Highlight of login Provider added

All css & Js can be accessed through CDN

Add ‘no follow’ links with detection - SEO

Github : Removed gravatar_id attribute

FourSquare: New API version added to platform

VK: new API version and with extra data fields

Linkedin: new data fields in certificates object with user profile

SSO API for RaaS added

RAAS option to specify email URLs added, these are emailVerifcationUrl, forgotPasswordUrl


Foursquare user profile Image issue fixed

Facebook API implementation Bugs