Core Release 9.0

We are pleased to announce the release of new version of platform API version. The following list contains the enhancements and Bug fixes.

Change Log


Feature to auto Login user just after the email verification is added

Login through multiple profile email ID feature added

Client and server side APIs added to check whether is avilable to register or not

Additional emails can be added or removed

New API added to Get User Profiles form the Email ID

Profile update API has been enhanced to update more user profile fields, such as ImageUrl, ThumbnailImageUrl, TimeZone, About, WebProfiles, AddressType.

Delete or remove value through Edit profile API, One can remove the data of user profile fields.

Password periodically reset option added

New API added : Set user's password by the accountid

New API added :Change user's password by the accountid

New API added : Get password hash by the accountid

New API added : Delete account by the accountid

Capability to customize the user registeration form fields label added

User profile gender update options stretched, following fields can be updated as gender: male|female|other|unknown|m|f|o|u


use case ‘remove confirm password’ and ‘password length’ together form was not rendering

callback type added to handle multiple tabs of iOS chrome browser

Added new particular field of postal code for user profile, this had been overwriting by the social login.