Admin-console Release 19.0

The latest LoginRadius Admin Console Release 19 delivers a more intuitive design along with new functionality. Please see details below.

Change Log


Unverify Customers: You can now Unverify customers that have been set as Verified in the Admin Console. Go to Profile Management and choose 'Full View' on the desired profile.

Admin-console Section Revamp: The main 'Admin-console' section now has new charts, such as the Login Activity chart, allowing you to see your logins per day.

Data Query: We have added a new Data Query section to allow you to do quick in-Admin-console lookups for your data, it also supports Custom Object search.

Customer Segmentation: New fields are have been added in this section and support for searching complex arrays has also been added.

Filter Customers: You can now filter customers using the query feature under Profile Management.

Password Expiration: In the Password Policy section, the Password Expiration feature has been improved for usability.

Phone Numbers: We have added the ability to add phone numbers to customer accounts via the Admin-console.

Registration Forms: We have added a new Registration Forms section under the 'Standard Login' area to help you easily generate registration form schemas.


Structural Improvements: Several sections have been renamed to make navigation easier.

Design Improvements: Changes to design enhance admin-console experience and usability.

Profile Management Search: The search functionality allows searching of blocked customers.

Ticket Prioritization: You can now set the priority on the tickets you submit via the Support section.