Admin-console Release 21.2

This new Admin Console release introduces a lot of new capabilities that were previously only available via the LoginRadius APIs, see below for the list of features.

Change Log


Roles And Membership: From this new section, you can manage the multiple roles and permissions of your customers.

Progressive Profiling Feature: Configure Progressive Profiling directly from within the Admin Console.

Enable Customer After a Lockout: Added this feature in the Full Profile View. You can now easily unlock your locked customers without going through the API.

Add/Remove Email Feature: Added this feature in the Full Profile View. Using this you can manage your customer's emails.


Privacy Versioning Enhanced: We have added a new section named 'Privacy Center' allowing you to have greater visibility in your different policy versions.

Verified Email Checkmark icon: The Verified Email checkmark icon is now also showing directly on the customer profiles under the profile management.

Added Environment Tag: On the left hand-side we have added a tag to indicate your environment (Production/Staging/Development).

Added JSON Data Export Option: The Data Export feature now Supports both CSV and JSON. With CSV, you are given a dropdown field selection tool, whereas with JSON by default all fields are exported.